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Morris is a film based on a true story about a troubled young man whom is confronted with the long term effects of sexual abuse and learns that his abuser has a new victim.

"Both intellectually honest and emotionally satisfying, Morris is a difficult film to watch but an important and necessary film to watch." ~The Independent Critic.

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Now is the time forMorris

Too often these events go undiscussed. The villains get away without punishment and leave their victims with a lifetime of baggage to carry.

People need to see for themselves the effects of long term abuse. It's not graphic for the sake of being graphic, but to get people to actually pay attention and strip away the veneer of, "Oh it probably isn't all that bad," thinking that exists. "Morris" isn't crude or crass for the sake of sensationalism. Those elements are present to properly convey the truth.

People are being abused physically and regularly and it's not because they want it to happen or they don't say anything because it feels good. It's because evil people do evil things and others, often without help, have to endure the consequences.

This film opens a dialog between the viewer and the abused of the world and gives them a chance to say, "I don't want to be the victim any more. I can overcome this burden and live a normal life. I will be the victor henceforth!"

If we can convince even one person to speak up or end even one cycle of abuse then this film will have been successful.

Film Credits:


Adult Morris Holmes Dylan Jaeger
Young Morris Holmes Caden Miller-Baker
Harry Neyatoro Scott Blow
Pamela Holmes Pamela Helgens
Samuel Black Luke Darrah
Brian Nowadsky Bradley Cerny
Charley Johnson Tyler Valerius
Dr. Adam First Wes Worthing
Connie Vickers Alicia S. Callison-Shurbon
Moyra Butterfield Molly Garrett
Callee Senn Joanne "JoJo" Johnson
Nathan Strang John Shang
Alicia Hunter Samantha Lynn Callison
Michael Jonas Michael R. Helgens
Julie Heiken Elizabeth Herb
Stephen Smith Chayce Jaeger



Writer/Director/Editor Michael R. Helgens
Director of Photography Debra Brubaker
Producer/Sound Director Kevin Brubaker
Casting Director Joanne "JoJo" Johnson
Makeup Artist Elizabeth Herb
Grip Chayce Jaeger